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Paid Ad analysis -Airbnb

Paid Ad analysis

Paid ads play an irreplaceable role in digital marketing. It helps Airbnb increase its visibility and reach a wider audience. By placing banner Ad, and video Ads, Airbnb target its audiences who love travel and have the potential to converse with their users. What’s more, Those cookies allowed Airbnb to target a specific group of audiences based on demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral. Those ads enable the right audience to go to their websites and make bookings effectively. The Al analysis, such as google ads, assists Airbnb in monitoring the performance of their ads, so they are able to optimize performance by switching ads placing positions, and retargeting audiences.

Airbnb did successful digital ads on TikTok last year in February; The campaign was made of a slide show of still photos displaying to the old-school music tone. The ad was part of an large campaign, but it achieved great accomplishment that Airbnb promoted it on TV channels and social media worldwide well.

The AD, unexpectedly, exceeded Airbnb’s expectations and became a viral hit on Tiktok. Millions of users shot their own version of the Airbnb Ad, using similar songs and adding still photos of their own trips. Airbnb says the videos have generated more than one million impressions, with people who love to share their travel moments.

From my point of view, Airbnb can replicate its success easily by remarketing this kind of event on TikTok because TikTok now has over 1.5 billion users, more than any other social media in the us. Of course, they are facing the risk of being banned by The US government, but how can Airbnb resist chances to recover from covid again? But, I also have some suggestions that I would like to add to my final plan; the SEM is what I goanna improve in my plan. If users search Airbnb on Tiktok, the first couple of videos, they will see are harmful to brands. It shows unethical consumer behaviors, which is diminishing brand reputation and image. Purchasing some sponsored ads and promoting positive UGC will be my improvement to implement.


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