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Facebook Ads Manager Take aways

Buying an ad on Facebook Ad manager was a great experience for our team because it helped us to clarify our Target audience persona based on demographic interest, physical needs, and emotional needs, etc. what’s more, the analytics tools provided by Facebook allow us to proctor our campaign performance, the review from our audience plays an irreplaceable role for long term digital marketing plan. Marketers should adjust digital ads accordingly for future marketing activities. In addition, Budget optimization is the other reason why I favor Facebook, It can allocate your budget according to the performance of each ad set, and We can control campaign limits by setting a daily budget to avoid meanness cost.

However, I think our first ad is lack of call to action since it’s our first ad. Our team decided not to act so commercially but easily approach consumers. The face provided so many options for our ad, so we generated a comprehensive marketing field for our ad. What we were trying to make is not an ad that results in sales immediately but an ad that leverages our brand.

I also have some suggestions for Facebook. It took us 20 minutes to figure out our campaign names. If they can provide some templates or examples for ads, that would be more inspirational for us to produce a creative ad. Oh the other hand, there are so many similar TA options that confused our team. I think they can do better on this by electing the most presentive TA that marketers truly demand.

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