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Away travel

In my opinion, Away’s digital marketing strategy is a sound strategy, Their objective is clear and precise. The channel they select IG etc provides a platform where travelers can share their stories with away suitcases. Future more, it advocates the brand by creating a community engaging more people to travel.

Through social media marketing, brand awareness is widespread on the planet Their followers and fans posted millions of UGC allowing the brand to reach all kinds of audiences. And the audience and Away create a sense of self-recognition and friendliness between them. The method Away used to build a community is remarkable.

If I run the brand, I will launch more promotions related to festivals. Last month was Chinses new year which no brand will ignore. However, I scrolled Away’s social media pages, And nothing respond to Chinese new year products or promotions. What’s more, they have introduced a number of creative colorways to maintain freshness and trigger more rapid purchases. I will suggest the brand launch specific seasonal or festival-related events, their designers have the ability to design aesthetic carry on which also is a key reason to drive sales and cultivate brand loyalty. So, they ought to launch new seasonal limited products every month. On the other hand, I will encourage them to operate a live stream promotion TikTok, Since TikTok is the most popular social media for now. This strategy lowers the barrier to reaching the brand with livestream exclusive price promotion

Consumers are difficult to convince to make action nowadays, especially after three years covid and the economic recession. Marketing is no longer telling people how good your products. It is to create tribes for brand-driven consumers to link with all people.

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