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First Blog

About me

Hi, Everyone, welcome to my blog! My name is Zuohong cen, and I majored in eco at the University of Miami for my undergraduate degree. I went back to my country China after that due to the pandemic covid. I had a full-time job in paper sales at a government-owned company for one year, but I feel like it was not the right job I sincerely want. So, I quit being stuck in traditional Chinese business and start my marketing academic career at NYU. Last semester I spent my time at NYU Shanghai for one semester, it was a great start for me to learn marketing knowledge, since I had 0 experience in marketing before.

About digital marketing

Digital marketing, in my opinion, is the combination of all kinds of marketing that rely on the internet or online platforms or methods such as social media, and search engines. However, digital marketing has extended to non-internet channels. For example, TV and on-hold mobile ring.

Digital marketing benefits dozens of small businesses. Because it can increase brand awareness dramatically at a comparatively low cost. Through social media platforms, a business can reach millions of audiences easily. What’s more, the massive data provided by social media help them to target consumers precisely and segmented their audience swiftly. The engagement of digital marketing is incomparable to traditional marketing. Digital advertising is expected to occupy more than 60 percent of all ad spending in 2023. Furthermore, companies can adjust their strategies accordingly, since the responses derived from digital marketing are straightforward and clear

About futures

I am so excited about this class. And marketing trend is changing in an incredible way. Chap gpt would be the next knowledge that every marketer should learn and use it. Tictok is going viral in the US market. I wish I could be a great digital marketer who can launch creative and popular marketing events on social media when I walk out of this class.

Once again! Thanks for visiting My blogs. I am so happy to share life moments and digital marketing remarks in my blogs.

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